Arsenal 4 – 0 Villa : Champions ratings

So I planned for something different for the player ratings, instead of my views, I instead contacted many gooners across India and also interviewed aprox. 30 gooners & goonerettes at the screening to get their opinions. I have listed the best quotes from them.

 He knew the whole world was looking at him, waiting for a mistake to pounce on. Calmest performance in years. Sudhir (
He commanded his area like a mother dragon protecting its eggs, swooping in on any crosses that came his way Rohan
An FA cup first choice this season had a gala time throughout the game with some clean collections on Villa’s crosses. Given the nod ahead of regular Premier League goalkeeper David Ospina, this was a stress-free afternoon for the Poland international Najeeb
 Had a great game with barely any defensive worries. Almost conceded a penalty. Sudhir (
Love his attitude! He clicked a selfie last season from the stands with Arsenal lifting FA cup trophy last season and this season he put his hands on it! That desire is the mark of a great player Sumeet aka Bhau
 The BFG had yet another memorable outing at Wembley, with a solid defensive performance. Kept Benteke in check all throughout and even scored a header to put the game past Villa. Sudhir (
BFG tamed Benteke in both the D’s Lakshya
 All action performance, almost scored the opening goal. Led the defense in style. Sudhir (
He bossed around as usual, especially one tackle he made in the D in second half when BFG and monreal were beaten Tiago
 Had yet another quietly brilliant game. One of the most improved, consistent players of the season capped off a great year with an assured performance. Sudhir (
Should win the best supporting actor of the year! Aashish
Took his game to a higher level yesterday – found team mates with accurate long balls while still snuffed out multiple Villa moves with vital interceptions. To his credit – he has earned the right to be the first name on the team sheet Sudhir (
Arsenal’s most emerging player is thoroughly deserved his place ahead of the likes of Arteta and Flamini. His mighty presence left the Gunner’s backline with very little fending off work at hand. His quick moving acts also enabled the likes of Santi Cazorla and Mesut Ozil to blossom. Najeeb
This guy has become the heart of Arsenal’s midfield and he will change the future of Arsenal Francis
 seemed jaded at the start of first half  played second fiddle to Ozil, Sanchez and Walcott. Came alive as the game progressed and pulled all the strings from midfield. Declared Man of the Match Sudhir (
Cazorla was a magician clinging on the ball with grace. He kept making runs, swerving and passing the ball around with immense control to create ample of chances for the Gunners. A performance deservingly for man of the match. Najeeb
He deserved to man of the match! He just dominated the midfield controlling every movement of the ball Wise bald guy with handle bar mustaches (Sorry could not catch your name 🙂 )
 His return from injury has led to some of the best displays by Arsenal. Silky smooth play, delicate flicks and unparalleled vision   kept the Gunners attack ticking over throughout. Steadily growing in stature Sudhir (
He was so good that Villa players did not know how to contain him. He was drifting past them with incredible guile Sumeet aka Bhau
 he is so good that he can find a player in dark without a night vision  Jake(from Nigeria)
 Not quite a natural fit at the right side of the Arsenal attack but makes the cut due to his industry & engine. Could’ve opened the scoring had he been calmer, seemed desperate to score and repeat last seasons’ heroics. Sudhir (
Could have scored a couple today but had great presence & awareness today to stretch the Villa defense so that Sanchez & Theo could find space to run Tiago ( from Nigeria)
 Pound for pound, the best signing of the English season. Adds a relentless ferocity to the Gunners attack like no other, lights up the game to makes the crowds swoon. Sudhir (
This fabulous Chilean work horse had a spectacular strike which just whistled in like a cannon shot. This 5th goal in 4 appearances for the £33 million forward was worthy of watching over and over again. His magnetic feet seemed always on the hunt for pulling the ball in his grasp. Najeeb
Words are short to describe him, he has given us the stride and confidence to make a difference in our approach, leading us from the front. And off course Wenger’s best buy! Francis
 Surprise starter   Wenger unleashed his pace on an unsuspectig Villa defence. His hunger spurred him on, coming close many a time before unleashing a thunderous le​ft foot shot to score. Best example of a confidence player. Sudhir (
A not so surprised inclusion in the starting lineup ahead of Olivier Giroud, following his hat-trick against West Brom, he rewarded Arsene Wenger’s faith. After seven goals in seven starts, looks all set to make a large scale impact with some promising phases ahead. Najeeb
 A delightful goal in extra time with a now trademark flick off the shin, sacrificed from the starting XI to please Theo but made sure he scored to make his mark. Sudhir (
A bit unlucky not to start given the goals he scored all season. Very happy for him to get that goal Sumeet aka Bhau
 Had a couple of runs directly at the Villa defense, bought on perhaps only to be shown how “loved” he is at Arsenal. Sudhir (
Super superrr Jack! Who needs Pogba when we have Jack! Ajinkya
A surprise inclusion on the bench over Mikel Arteta or Tomas Rosicky – he warmed up on his own and asked Arteta to force Wenger for a run out in Wembley – and promptly set up Giroud’s goal! Cheeky Sudhir (
Grabbed todays opportunity with aplomb! Has a bright future ahead Rohan
Arsene Wenger 6 times CHAMPION
One tactical change (Walcott instead of Giroud) was all that was needed to put the game past Aston Villa. Ensured team was calm in possession and steady in defense. Joint most decorated FA Cup winner (Post War). fans’ faith in him on a high again. Has ensured Arsenal is in ascendancy again Sudhir (
Absolute Legend! Aashish

Hope you guys enjoyed it. A huge thanks to all those who contributed to this article.


The Goonerboy

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9 comments on “Arsenal 4 – 0 Villa : Champions ratings
  1. Hey thanks for calling me the bald guy with handlebar mushtache. Made me sound like a retired porn star. Though the “wise” part alleviated my ego a bit.

    To me Cazorla was clearly the MoM. I am a little surprised by Sudhir’s ( comment. It is not always the spectacular that is important. See how Grealish and Cleverley never ever got into the match. That was all down to Cazorla


    • thegoonerboy says:

      Thanks Natarajan for correcting me. You really look wise though, at least wiser than me 😉

      Santi was brilliant, the idea was to highlight the contrast of opinions in the fan base, same is visible for Theo.

      Appreciate you taking time out to comment.



  2. Anonymous says:

    Good work Suff 🙂


  3. Anonymous says:

    Cheers goonerboy…..this has to be the start of bigger things to come for the gooner and the gunners 😊
    How good is this squad where the likes of debuchy, welbeck, chambers and rozza were not even on the bench for the finals and still we had more than enough in our arsenal…can’t wait for the next season!!


  4. Thank you for the opportunity… here’s to many more collaborations in the future… Sudhir


  5. […] Arsenal 4 – 0 Villa : Champions ratings. […]


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